Accelerated Plan

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(posted on 27/08/04)

Proposals for An Accelerated Reform of the Mauritian Sugar Sector

The Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture and the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate have submitted to Government on 26th August 2004 a joint report proposing measures for an accelerated reform of the Mauritian sugar sector.

The exercise was undertaken following the proposals of the EU Commission last July to review the EU sugar regime, which have not only confirmed that the reform of the sugar regime is unavoidable but also indicated the level of ambition the EU Commission is determined to achieve. Indeed, the EU package is proposing a drastic cut of 37% of the ACP guaranteed price of sugar over a very short period. Such a measure will have a disruptive effect on the ACP sugar suppliers at the social, economic and environmental levels, and will seriously undermine the ongoing costly efforts of Mauritius and of other ACP countries to improve the competitiveness of their respective sugar industries.

The Chamber of Agriculture and the Sugar Syndicate have solicited a meeting with Government in order to have an exchange of views on the measures proposed in the report and on the the way forward for the sugar industry.