Study on the benefits of the Sugar Protocol

> Study on the benefits of the Sugar Protocol
(posted on 30/11/04)

Mauritius Sugar Authority undertakes study on the benefits derived from the Sugar Protocol

In the light of the proposed reforms of the EU sugar regime and the preparation of a 10 year Action Plan for the sugar industry, the Mauritius Sugar Authority (MSA) has commissioned a study on the benefits that Mauritius has been deriving from the Sugar Protocol. The study has been entrusted to a team of consultants led by Landell Mills International Ltd and comprising specialists from Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and financial analysts from BDO/De Chazal du Mée.  


The objectives of the study are namely (i) to evaluate and quantify the benefits derived from the Sugar Protocol, in particular the multifunctional role of the sugar industry (ii) to assess and validate the industry’s investment and funding requirements in respect of the 2005-2015 Action Plan in order to remain viable and sustainable in the long term, taking into account the likely EU price reductions and the need to reduce production cost.  


The study aims at upholding the position of Mauritius in the context of forthcoming negotiations with the EU which is proposing accompanying measures to ACP countries, signatories of the Sugar Protocol, in order to maintain the economic, social and environmental benefits that these countries are deriving from the Protocol.


The study will span over six weeks and the final report will be delivered early next year. A Task Force comprising high level representatives from both the public and private sector is assisting and providing inputs for the study; it will also act as a forum to discuss the Action Plan and the proposals of the consultants. Moreover, four technical subcommittees will provide inputs on environment, investment, derocking/irrigation/mechanization/transport, and social issues respectively. It is also worth mentioning that at the request of the MSA, the main stakeholders of the sugar industry have been invited to submit their views to the consultants.