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1. Final crop results (pdf file)  

519,816 tonnes of sugar, obtained from 4.98 M tonnes of canes, at an extraction rate of 10.44%, have been produced. The area harvested stood at 68,351 ha, representing a decrease of  1,317 ha compared to 2004. Cane yield reached 72.92 TCH while sugar yield amounted to 7.6 TSH. (28/4/06)

2. Analyse statistique de la récolte (pdf file)

3. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end November 2005

The 2005 crop is nearing its end and following the dry weather experienced during November, cane productivity has decreased along with a slight gain in extraction, resulting in a net reduced sugar productivity at island level.  The situation will not improve and even stands the chance of worsening further.  With only 3% of miller planters land remaining to harvest and most probably less for other planter categories, the revised estimate of 535 000 tonnes of sugar will definitely not be realized. Full report

4. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end October 2005

Since end-September, cane  productivity has decreased in all sectors, resulting in an average reduction of 1.52 TCH for the island. The average extraction rate of 10.33% is below that of 2001 and 2004 at the same period and has improved only slightly since end September. No major increase in extraction is expected until the end of the crop season. Regarding sugar productivity, it has decreased by 0.06 TSH since end September. Extraction rate has increased nominally and not to a level to compensate for the decrease in cane productivity observed in all sectors of the island. Full report

5. Révision à la baisse de l'estimation de la production sucrière 2005, de 550 000 tonnes à environ 535 000 tonnes More

6. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end September 2005

The highly unfavorable weather conditions have affected ripening and harvesting in September and will impact on the fields to be harvested up to the end of the season that represent about 40% of the crop. While cane productivity is slightly avove that of 2004 to-date, extraction has not improved as expected during September. It is therefor unlikely that the extraction level estimated at 10.80% will be reached. Full report

7. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end August 2005 Full report

8. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end July 2005.

Data so-far indicate a sligntly lower sugar productivity (0.17 TSH) for the present crop compared to the same period in 2004 over a smaller area (532 ha) for miller planters. This difference is the result of the lower extraction rate as overall cane productivity is comparable to that of 2004.

In case normal weather prevails until the end of the crop season and extraction improves, the 2005 crop is expected at this stage to be close to the initial estimate of 550 000 tonnes of sugar made by the Crop Estimate Coordinating Committee. Full report

9. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end June 2005. Full report

10. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end May 2005

The 2005 crop is expected to be below potential due to lower cane production than normal, especially in the North sector and output will be lower than in 2004. Full report

11. La production sucrière 2005 estimée à 550 000 tonnes

Cette estimation est basée sur l'usinage de quelque 5,1 millions de cannes avec un taux d'extraction moyen de 10,8%. (3/6/05)    Lire le communiqué de la Chambre

12. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end April 2005

The adverse conditions prevailing in March and the residual effects of Hennie compounded by the lack of soil moisture during April have considerably reduced elongation. This reduced growth will affect cane production. However, weather conditions have triggered ripening earlier than usual and resulted in higher sucrose content. Full report

13. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end March 2005

Persistent rainy weather accompanied by the severe lack of solar radiation and waterlogging observed almost throughout the island during prolonged periods during the month of March have, in addition to the adverse effects of tropical storm Hennie, contributed to a major setback to the crop.

The stress caused is clearly seen in the slowing down of elongation during the second fortnight of March, which will result in lower cane productivity. Sucrose accumulation is expected to be delayed because of lower photosynthetic rates resulting from lack of solar energy.

Full recovery is not anticipated in spite of the sunny weather experienced since the passage of Hennie.  The 2005 crop is expected to be lower than normal.  It is, however, too early to make a quantitative assessment of cane and sugar production. Full report 

14. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end February 2005

Based on total cane height, the 2005 crop at island level is slightly better than the 2004 crop. Even if during February 2005, stalk growth was slightly affected in sectors East, South and Centre by the excessive rainfall and below normal radiation, the total height in these sectors still exceeds that of the 2004 crop and the normal. In the absence of extreme conditions, e.g. cyclone and drought, cane production for the 2005 crop is expected to be normal while forthcoming weather, especially a good solar radiation regime, will be determining for sucrose accumulation. Read more

15. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end January 2005 

The month of January has been relatively dry in the North, West and lowland areas of the other sectors which resulted into slowed cane growth and development.  This is reflected in the stalk elongation data measured in these sectors.  However, it is estimated that at this stage cane elongation is not irreversibly affected to the extent that would be detrimental to 2005 crop.  This is supported by total cane height for crop 2005 being higher in three sectors as compared to crop 2004 and the advantage of the 2005 crop over the normal in all sectors except for the West. Read more

16. MSIRI Sugar Cane Crop Report - Status as at end December 2004 Read more