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Conversion Factors

1 hectare  = 2.36922 arpents

1 inch = 25.4 millimetres

Degrees Celsius (centigrade) = to convert into degrees Fahrenheit multiply by  9/5 and add 32

1 litre  = 0.220 imperial gallon  = 0.264 US gallon

1 tonne  = 1,000 kilos  = 0.9842 long ton

1 tonne per arpent   = 0.9436 long ton per acre

1 tonne tel quel  = 1.0620 tonnes raw value (2002 crop)

                                    = 1.0601  tonnes raw value (2003 crop)

                                    = 1.0594 tonnes raw value (2004 crop)


Regions and Corresponding districts

North    Pamplemousses and Rivière du Rempart

South   Grand Port and Savane

East       Flacq

West     Black River

Centre Plaines Wilhems and Moka



Bagasse                 Fibrous residue of sugar cane left after crushing and juice extraction

Brix                  The Brix of a solution is the concentration of a solution of pure sucrose in water (expressed as parts by weight of sucrose per 100 parts by weight of solution) having the same density as the solution under examination at the same temperature.

Grande Saison  A cane planting crop cycle with harvest in September to November, and replanting in March. The first crop is harvested after 16-17 months in the following year.

Interlining            Growing of non-cane crops between cane furrows.

Massecuite         Mixture of sugar plus molasses sent to centrifuges, in the last stage of sugar extraction

Molasses              Final residue remaining after centrifuges and crystallization.

Petite Saison     A cane planting crop cycle in which cane is harvested early (June-August) and the land is replanted immediately. The first crop is harvested after 12 months the following year.

Pol                              Degree of polarization of sugar, which indicates its purity.             

Raw Equivalent  Amount of raw sugar equivalent to a given amount of refined sugar.

Ratoon Crop         Cane crop grown from the stools of old cane, instead of from freshly-planted cane seedlings.

Tel quel                    as is” or actual volume of sugar, without adjustments for its degree of purity.

Trash                         Cane tops and leaves, separated from the stems at harvest.

Virgin Crop           The first crop, from newly-planted cane.

White Value        Amount of white sugar equivalent to a given volume of raw sugar.